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2024 Vehicle Decal - Interior Adhesive Window Cling

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OCTOBER 2, 2024 - WE REVEAL THE 2024 RV2AK Decal
Renting an RV or don't like permanent stickers on the exterior of your vehicle? Or do you want an additional decal for your front windshield when you back into a campsite? This front adhesive decal is perfect to still find community on the road while you RV to Alaska with the official 2023 RVing to Alaska window decal! This window decal is sticky on the front of the design for use on the inside of a window. (However if you have dark windows you may have difficulty seeing it through the tint from past experience.) It's a proven way to start conversations at the campground as well as find new friends who are members of the RVing to Alaska community.

This 8.9"x 4.5" interior window front adhesive decals can easily be removed if you wish or keep them looking great and protected from the elements for years to come on your car, truck, motorhome, trailer or tow vehicle windows.

Here is what some of our members had to say about their RVing to Alaska decals:
"So glad that we got the RVing to Alaska 2019 Decal! It was amazing how many people asked us about it! It was definitely a conversation starter!" ~ Dennis & Cheryl Gleaton
"We met some good folks due to our decal, and we got a discount a time or two." ~ Suzanne Wright

"Met several people with stickers. It was a good way to make a connection. Still looking for stickers in Yellowstone." ~ William Purcell

"I met several people with decals. It was s delight. I actually looked for them and then approached them and started a conversation. Travelled a ways with a some. Had dinner with others. Didn’t see a lot but it was nice to connect." ~ Nancy Tordai
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