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Today RVing to Alaska has helped over 45,000+ community members RV to Alaska successfully to fulfill a lifetime bucket list trip to the land of the midnight sun. What started as a small online facebook group page back in 2017 with less than 600 members is now is one of the largest collection of Facebook groups on the RVing to Alaska subject. We are not a travel agency or a caravan company but an online collaboration or support system if you will. In the past we hosted yearly FB groups or classes as we like to call them, where every travel season had its own group page so our members could find community on the road and learn together as they plan on this great adventure. Due to copy-cat groups as well as losing information from year to year we have now transitioned to one singular group that we will work from year to year. In October 2022 we transitioned to this final group page  “RVing to Alaska – Original” group page to keep all information in one place to easily pull research from without having to switch between groups.

Our travel seasons run October to October allowing our members to plan and get to know their fellow RVing to Alaska travelers during the winter months before their journey begins. During the winter months members and moderators ask questions, seek advice, share past adventures, give tips and tricks as well as conduct periodic live chat sessions where we chat over popular subjects in real time.  Then during the summer months our members report directly to the group with road reports, give hints and tips on where to stop and what to do along the way all in real time.  It has been known that many members may meet each other along the way and lifetime friendships have blossomed from the community. During the summer months we also hold informal meetups for an evening of food and friendship and then one week in July we host our Annual RVing to Alaska Rally somewhere in our great State where members can come together for a week of fun, food and friendship while RVing in Alaska. 

Finally our FB group and website help connect members with local businesses along the way. We have a small network of businesses who have partnered with us in the past. From discounted campsite fees to reduced pricing on services and products that help you everyday, this is a win win for both traveler and business.

As for us personally along the journey we have documented our adventures with hundreds of videos on the RVing to Alaska subject on our RVing to Alaska YouTube channel covering every drive day, every campsite and every tour we have enjoyed while visiting Alaska by RV in the 2017 & 2019 seasons as well as everyday life here in Alaska as full time residents of this great State. 



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A great group to get tips and info for the trip! The group is maintained very well with very little advertising. I wish I had a group like this for my first trip to Alaska!

Todd Penney – Fort Nelson, BC City Councillor

Great people, great information. Helpful and knowledgeable for most anything related to Alaska!

Carol Kellogg – Community Member


Thank you for your guidance and coordinating a great community for an amazing experience on the way and from and in Alaska.

Marie-Josee Vinet – Community Member

It was an epic summer!! Thank you so much! I’ll be lurking in the groups as we plan an extended stay for 2022, 5 weeks was not nearly enough!

Brie Miller – Community Member

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

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Alaska Travel Industry Association

Mat-Su Convention & Visitors Bureau


We are proud to have earned the Alaska Certified Expert certification through the Alaska Travel Industry Association

Alaska Campground Owners Association